Color and font page

You can set many of the fonts and colors and used by the IDE from General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts preference page.

Option Description
Colors and fonts Colors and fonts (? = any character, * = any string)
A tree structure helps you navigate among, and show a short preview of, the various colors and fonts available. You can preview the current face (but not its size) of any font in its corresponding label. You can preview colors in the icon associated with its label.

You can change the color settings by clicking color to the right of the tree area when a color is selected.

Use the Colors and Fonts field to filter the contents by typing an entry, and then only the matching results remain in the tree view.

Use System Font
You can change font settings by either selecting the font from the list and clicking Use System Font (to choose the Operating System font setting).
Return to the default value.
Description Descriptions are provided when color and font settings are selected.
Preview Previews are provided when color and font settings are selected.