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Modify the contents of a PtMultiText widget


void PtMultiTextModifyText( 
        PtWidget_t *widget,
        int start,
        int end,
        int insert_pos,
        char *text,
        int length,
        PtMultiTextAttributes_t const *attrs,
        int attributes_mask );


This function modifies the contents and attributes of a PtMultiText widget.

If start doesn't equal end, then:

If start does equal end, then:

Once the current insert position is set, the function inserts length characters from text. It does this regardless of the widget's insertion mode. If length is 0, no text is inserted.

Here's what happens after the function inserts the text into the segment that contains the current insert position:

  1. The text inherits the segment's attributes.
  2. The text is separated into its own segment, but keeps its inherited values.
  3. The attributes specified by attributes_mask are applied to the new segment from the attrs structure provided. The valid bits for this mask are:

Note: This function causes a nondestructive deselect before attempting the changes.



Interrupt handler No
Signal handler No
Thread No

See also:

PtTextGetSelection(), PtTextModifyText(), PtTextSetSelection(), PtMultiTextAttributes_t

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