Filename extensions

This table lists some common filename extensions used in a QNX Neutrino system.

Extension Description Related programs/utilities
.1 Troff-style text, e.g., from Unix “man” (manual) pages. man and troff (third-party software)
.a Library archive ar
.awk Awk script gawk
.b Bench calculator library or program bc
.bat MS-DOS batch file For use on DOS systems; won't run under QNX Neutrino. See Writing Shell Scripts and ksh for information on writing shell scripts for QNX Neutrino.
.build OS image buildfile mkifs
.c C program source code qcc, make
.C, .cc, .cpp C++ program source code q++, make
.cfg Configuration files, various formats Various programs; formats differ
.conf Configuration files, various formats Various programs; formats differ
.css Cascading style sheet Used in the IDE for documentation
.def C++ definition file q++, make
.dll MS-Windows dynamic link library Not used directly in QNX Neutrino; necessary in support of some programs that run under MS-Windows, such as some of the QNX Neutrino tools. See .so (shared objects) for the QNX Neutrino equivalent.
.gz Compressed file gzip; Backing Up and Recovering Data
.h C header file qcc, make
.htm HyperText Markup Language (HTML) file for Web viewing Web browser
.ifs, .img A QNX Neutrino Image filesystem, typically a bootable image mkifs; see also OS Images in Building Embedded Systems
.jar Java archive, consisting of multiple java files (class files etc.) compressed into a single file Java applications e.g., the IDE
.kev Kernel events, gathered by the instrumented kernel and used to profile an entire QNX Neutrino system procnto*-instr, tracelogger, traceprinter, the IDE; see also the System Analysis Toolkit User's Guide
.mk Makefile source, typically used within QNX Neutrino recursive makes make
.o Binary output file that results from compiling a C, C++, or Assembly source file qcc, make
.S, .s Assembly source code file GNU assembler as
.so, .so.n Shared object qcc, make
.tar Tape archive tar; Backing Up and Recovering Data
.tar.gz, .tgz Compressed tape archive gzip, tar; Backing Up and Recovering Data
.txt ASCII text file Many text-based editors, applications, and individual users
.use Usage message source for programs that don't embed usage in the program source code (QNX Neutrino recursive make) make
.wav Audio wave file  
.xml Extensible Markup Language file; multiple uses, including IDE documentation  
.zip Compressed archive file gzip

If you aren't sure about the format of a file, use the file utility:

file filename