Get information about the CAN configuration


#include <sys/can_dcmd.h>

#define CAN_DEVCTL_GET_INFO   __DIOF(_DCMD_MISC, CAN_CMD_CODE + 101,  struct can_devctl_info)

Arguments to devctl():

Argument Value
filedes A file descriptor that you obtained by opening the device
dev_data_ptr A pointer to a struct can_devctl_info
n_bytes sizeof(struct can_devctl_info)
dev_info_ptr NULL


This command gets information about the CAN configuration.




A filled-in struct can_devctl_info, which is defined in <sys/can_dcmd.h> as follows:

typedef struct can_devctl_info
    char                description[64];    /* CAN device description */
    uint32_t            msgq_size;          /* Number of message queue objects */
    uint32_t            waitq_size;         /* Number of client wait queue objects */
    CANDEV_MODE         mode;               /* CAN driver mode - I/O or raw frames */
    uint32_t            bit_rate;           /* Bit rate */
    uint16_t            bit_rate_prescaler; /* Bit rate prescaler */
    uint8_t             sync_jump_width;    /* Time quantum Sync Jump Width */
    uint8_t             time_segment_1;     /* Time quantum Time Segment 1 */
    uint8_t             time_segment_2;     /* Time quantum Time Segment 2 */
    uint32_t            num_tx_mboxes;      /* Number of TX Mailboxes */
    uint32_t            num_rx_mboxes;      /* Number of RX Mailboxes */
    uint32_t            loopback_external;  /* External loopback is enabled */
    uint32_t            loopback_internal;  /* Internal loopback is enabled */
    uint32_t            autobus_on;         /* Auto timed bus on after bus off */
    uint32_t            silent;             /* Receiver only, no ack generation */

The mode is one of the following:

All mailboxes are set up to transmit or receive specific message IDs.
All messages found on the bus are received and put into a single mailbox. Similarly, there is one transmit mailbox; the message ID and type of frame are defined within the message instead of in the mailbox.

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