The following references apply to this chapter.

Header files
  • <dirent.h> — contains the directory structure type used by readdir().
  • <devctl.h> — contains the definition for devctl(); also defines the component flags used to create a command.
  • <sys/dcmd_blk.h> — contains the DCMD_FSYS_* devctl() block commands (see the Devctl and Ioctl Commands reference).
  • <sys/disk.h> — defines partition_entry_t.
  • <sys/dispatch.h>, <sys/iofunc.h> — used by resource managers.
  • <sys/fs_stats.h> — defines the fs_stats structure returned by the filesystem block command DCMD_FSYS_STATISTICS.
See the following functions in the QNX Neutrino C Library Reference: