Structure that contains details common to INPUT_CLASS_MTOUCH input events


#include <input/>
typedef struct mtouch_event {
    input_event_e event_type;
    uint64_t timestamp;
    uint32_t seq_id;
    uint32_t contact_id;
    int32_t x;
    int32_t y;
    uint32_t width;
    uint32_t height;
    uint32_t orientation;
    uint32_t pressure;
    uint32_t contact_type;
    uint32_t select;
} mtouch_event_t;


input_event_e event_type
The event type of the INPUT_CLASS_MTOUCH event.
uint64_t timestamp
Timestamp, based on realtime clock, when the INPUT_CLASS_MTOUCH event occurred.
uint32_t seq_id
The sequence number for the event; seq_id is incremented each time a new touch-related event occurs.
uint32_t contact_id
The order of occurrence for multiple touch contacts.
int32_t x
The x screen position, in pixels, for the event.
int32_t y
The y screen position, in pixels, for the event.
uint32_t width
The width, in pixels, of the touch area.
uint32_t height
The height, in pixels, of the touch area.
uint32_t orientation
The orientation of the contact.
uint32_t pressure
The pressure of the touch contact, ranging from 0 to 2^32 - 1.
uint32_t contact_type
The contact type.

Valid contact types are of type contact_type_e.

uint32_t select
The selected buttons.




The mtouch_event structure represents information that is common to all input events of class INPUT_CLASS_MTOUCH. This information is provided by the input device driver whenever an INPUT_CLASS_MTOUCH event occurs.