Creating a launch configuration

The preferred way of creating a launch configuration is through the launch bar. From here, you can open a wizard that lets you define a new configuration that works with a specific launch mode.

To create a launch configuration:
  1. In the launch bar, click the button for the Launch Configuration dropdown, which is the middle dropdown.
  2. Click New Launch Configuration... to open the Create Launch Configuration wizard.
  3. In the Initial Launch Mode dialog, select the launch mode to use as the default, then click Next.
    Although you can change the launch mode through the launch bar after the configuration is created, the selection in this first dialog lets the wizard filter the subsequent list of available launch configuration types.
  4. In the Launch Configuration Type dialog, select the type of launch configuration to create, then click Next.
    Here, each entry accesses a template for defining properties to support building and running a project or to automate an application setup or analysis task. Further details are given in QNX launch configuration types.
  5. Set the desired properties in the Launch Configuration Properties dialog.
    For details about the properties applicable to QNX launch configuration types, see QNX launch configuration properties.
  6. Click Finish to save the launch configuration and exit the wizard.
    The IDE adds an entry for your new configuration in the Launch Configuration dropdown.
You can select the new configuration whenever you need to perform the underlying task while using the previously specified property settings. You can also edit these settings.