Editing a launch configuration

Through the launch bar, you can open the launch configuration manager, which allows you to edit a launch configuration's settings and start the task indicated by the current launch mode.

Note: This release contains the legacy controls in the Run menu, Project Explorer, and toolbar along the top of the IDE UI for accessing the filtered lists of launch configurations for the Run, Debug, and Profile use cases. However, the new preferred way of editing configurations is to go through the launch bar.
To edit a launch configuration through the launch bar:
  1. In the Launch Configuration dropdown, select the configuration you want to edit.
  2. Click the Edit button (Icon: Edit button) on the right.

    The Edit Configuration window opens. This window shows all properties of the selected configuration in a set of tabs; the exact tabs and fields displayed depend on the configuration type.

You can click OK to save the latest settings and close the window. Clicking Cancel reverts to the settings in effect when the configuration was last saved (and closes the window).