Combining results from multiple sessions

You can combine the results from multiple Code Coverage sessions to view the cumulative coverage across distinct runs of a test program.

To combine the results from multiple sessions:
  1. In the Analysis Sessions view, use multiselect to indicate the Code Coverage sessions for which you want to combine the results.
    Note: The sessions that you're combining must be based on the same version of the code. If you changed the code between sessions, the tool can't combine their results.
  2. Right-click and choose Combine.
  3. In the Combine Coverage Session window, enter a name for the new results and click OK.

The IDE creates a session and displays it in the Analysis Sessions view. The data shown reflect the cumulative coverage across all previously selected sessions, meaning the percentages indicate how many lines of code in the given scope were executed by any test run. So if a particular line of code were executed in only one of five test runs, this line is still counted as executed.

For lines that were partially executed in some test runs, the combined results show the cumulative coverage for the entire line. Suppose one test run executed 50% of a given line but another test run executed the other 50%. In the combined results, the line is shown as fully (100%) executed. For details on interpreting the results, see How Code Coverage results are presented.