CDMA_1X serving cell information

Cellular radio service
Clients of the cellular radio service


Attribute Data type Values Description
network_name JSON name The network name.
short_name The network short name.
network_service Number A bitmask of the supported network services. The supported network services. See Supported network services for the list of values that comprise the bitmask.
network_technology Number A network technology code. The current network technology of the serving network.
serving_network JSON mcc (String) Mobile country code.
mnc (String) Mobile network code.
is_femto (Boolean) Indicates whether the serving network is a femtocell network. Values are true or false.
signal_strength JSON bars (Number) The signal strength as expressed by the number of bars.
RSSI (Number) Received signal strength indication.
roaming JSON state (String) ROAMING or NOT_ROAMING
type (Number) The roaming type. See Roaming types for the list of types.
suppress (Boolean) If true, indicates that the PLMN should be considered as non-roaming, even when the modem indicates ROAMING. This determination is made based on the MEP file, which handles roaming partnerships.

Roaming types

The following table lists the values that comprise the bitmask of roaming types.

Roaming type Description Value
ROAMING_TYPE_NONE No additional roaming information. 0x00000000
ROAMING_TYPE_OFF_CAMPUS Roaming is off-campus/flashing. 0x00000001
ROAMING_TYPE_DOMESTIC Roaming in the same MCC as the home network, or as per carrier requirements. Lack of domestic roaming indicates INTERNATIONAL_ROAMING. 0x00000002