QNX® Wireless Framework

The table below will help you find your way around the documentation for the QNX Wireless Framework. Here you'll find information needed to develop systems with wireless network connectivity.

Document Description
Getting Started Guide Explains how to set up your hardware and get a reference image running on your target device.
Architecture and User's Guide Describes the architecture of the QNX Wireless Framework (QWF) and provides some examples for implementing key functionality.
Persistent Publish/Subscribe Reference Describes each PPS object supplied with the QWF.
System Services Reference Covers each of the main services available for the QWF.
Note: The QNX Wireless Framework relies on the QNX SDK for Apps and Media 1.1. You'll find a complete documentation set for this package, which includes the QNX SDK for Apps and Media, QNX Neutrino RTOS and QNX Momentics Tool Suite, in the Content pane on your left.

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