Directory for storing network interfaces

Network Manager (net_pps)
Any app


The /pps/services/networking/interfaces/ directory contains objects that represent all the available network interfaces on your target hardware. The objects that are found in this directory vary with the target hardware, but you should see the lo0 object, which represents the loopback interface that should be present on every target. You should see the same list of interfaces reported when you run the ifconfig utility (e.g., en0, fec0).

The objects in the /pps/services/networking/interfaces/ directory differ from the interfaces that are managed by net_pps, which are tracked in the /pps/services/networking/all/interfaces/ directory. This directory may have objects for interfaces that aren't managed by net_pps. Changes to the interface are mirrored in interface objects in both the /pps/services/networking/all/interfaces/ and /pps/services/networking/interfaces/ directories.


This object has the same attributes as the /pps/services/networking/all/interfaces/ object. For more information about the attributes for this object, see "Attributes" in /pps/services/networking/all/interfaces/.