Directory for storing status objects for network interfaces

Network Manager (net_pps)
Any app


The /pps/services/networking/all/interfaces/ directory contains status objects for all network interfaces either listed in the net_pps command line or set up through the configuration files in /var/etc/system/config/network/. Each object has the same name as the interface as reported by the ifconfig utility (e.g., en0, fec0).

The objects that can be found in this directory vary with the target hardware. However, the lo0 object, which represents the loopback interface, may be present on any target.


Attribute Data type Description
connected Boolean Indicates whether the interface is currently connected.
fib Number FIB number.
httpproxy String IP address of the HTTP proxy server.
httpproxyloginrequired Boolean Indicates whether the HTTP proxy requires login credentials.
ip4_ok String A yes here indicates IPv4 connectivity is available. Otherwise, one of these error strings appears:
  • error_no_ip_addr
  • error_no_ip_gateway
  • error_no_nameserver
  • error_not_configured
  • error_not_connected
  • error_not_up
ip6_ok String Same as for ip4_ok, but for IPv6 connectivity.
ip_addresses JSON Array of IP addresses assigned to this interface.
ip_bcastaddr String Interface's IP broadcast address (if it has one).
ip_dstaddr String Interface's IP destination address (if it has one).
ip_gateway JSON Array of IP gateways.
ip_ok String General status attribute for IP connectivity.
link_address String Link layer (MAC) address.
manual String

Indicates whether manual IPv4 settings or DHCP settings will be used.

If manual is yes, these settings apply:
  • ip_address
  • gateway
  • netmask
  • nameservers
  • searchdomains
If manual is no, these settings apply:
  • dhcp=on|off|auto
  • dhcp6=on|off|auto
manual6 String When on, indicates that IPv6 manual settings will be used. When off, it means that DHCP settings will be used.
mtu Number MTU number for this interface.
nameservers JSON Array of nameserver addresses.
searchdomains String Array of strings to be used for DNS resolution.
type String Type of interface. Possible values:
  • bluetooth_dun (any Bluetooth tethering interface)
  • cellular (any cellular network interface)
  • usb (any direct USB cable to a PC or Mac)
  • vpn (any VPN tunnel)
  • wifi (any wireless network interface)
  • wired (any wired Ethernet interface)
up Boolean Indicates whether the physical interface is up.