Filesets in the reference image

The tables below list the filesets that are included by default in the QNX Apps and Media reference images.

Filesets in base_dir/deployment/infra/filesets

The filesets listed in the following table are present only if you have installed the corresponding additional packages from the QNX Download Center.

Fileset Description
basefs.armle.extra.freescale.xml Third-party video decoder components from Freescale required for the i.MX6 Sabre Smart Devices platform. Configuration and drivers for iPod connectivity. and TI video decoder components for the OMAP5 and Jacinto hardware platforms. Ittiam software video codecs ARMLE-v7 platforms. Software decoding for Microsoft Windows Media Audio 9 format files and streams.

Filesets in $QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE/infra/boards/board-specific

Fileset Description Video codecs for the x86 Bay Trail.
basefs.imx61sabre.dvfs.xml DVFS for the i.MX6 SABRE Smart Devices.
basefs.omap5.dvfs.xml DVFS for the OMAP5 EVM.
basefs.board-specific.xml Board-specific drivers and graphics components.
dosfs.board-specific.boot.xml Board-specific IFS files (depending on the board, may also include MLO and U-boot).
dosfs.omap5uevm.lvds.boot.xml LVDS for the OMAP 5 EVM.
rootfs.board-specific.xml Board-specific IFS files.

Filesets in $QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE/infra/product/AnM/boards/beaglebone.ext

Fileset Description Sample multimedia files for the QNX SDK for Apps and Media for the BeagleBone Black.

Filesets in $QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE/infra/product/AnM/filesets/

Fileset Description
basefs.anm.multimedia.xml Base fileset for the QNX SDK for Apps and Media. Includes the HMI, icons, and associated configuration.
basefs.anm.os.xml Apps and media components in the scripts and usr/lib directories.
basefs.anm.qt.xml Qt components for the QNX SDK for Apps and Media. Sample multimedia files for the QNX SDK for Apps and Media.

Filesets in $QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE/infra/filesets

Fileset Description
basefs.armle.common.debug.os.xml Debug utilities for ARMLE-v7.
basefs.common.debug.os.xml OS debug tools.
basefs.common.developer.networking.xml Networking components, including CURL, FTP, and Telnet.
basefs.common.directories.xml Highest level OS partition directories.
basefs.common.etc.xml Base filesystem. Includes configuration for fonts, users and groups, networking, authman, launcher, OpenSSL, SLM, and other base components.
basefs.common.geolocation.xml Geolocation service (ip-provider).
basefs.common.inputservice.xml Input service (libinput).
basefs.common.multimedia.xml Multimedia components, such as mm-renderer, mm-sync, and so on.
basefs.common.os.launcher.xml The launcher service.
basefs.common.os.xml Base filesystem. Includes components in the bin, lib, usr/bin, usr/sbin, and usr/share directories.
basefs.common.qt.xml Base components of Qt.
basefs.common.scripts.xml Common scripts, including bar-install and shutdown.
basefs.common.util.xml Utilities such as the Korn shell (ksh), pipe, and cksum.
basefs.common.webkit.xml Core WebKit libraries.
basefs.common.weblauncher.xml The weblauncher service.
basefs.fonts.common.xml Currently Used fonts.
basefs.fonts.dejavu.xml DejaVu fonts package.
basefs.fonts.han.xml Source Han Sans font package.
basefs.html5.common.torch.webkit.xml Additional WebKit libraries including the WebPlatform JavaScript API.
basefs.html5.common.webinspector.xml WebKit Web Inspector components. Multimedia AAC components. Multimedia screen writer.
rootfs.common.accounts.xml The accounts directory.
rootfs.common.certificates.xml Common certmgr certificates.
rootfs.common.directories.xml Common directories such as accounts, root, apps, and var.
rootfs.common.etc.xml Components in the var/etc directory.
rootfs.common.geolocation.xml Geolocation configuration.
rootfs.common.os.xml The root and var directories.
rootfs.common.pps.xml The PPS filesystem for the base components (audio, multimedia, application launcher, etc.)