Pre-installing apps

You can pre-install apps by adding them to your Apps and Media target image and re-building the image.

If you are a system developer who needs to deliver pre-installed apps, you can package your apps in BAR files, add them to your target image configuration profile, then rebuild the image.


Before you begin, if you aren't familiar with how the QNX SDK for Apps and Media uses filesets and profiles, see "Filesets and profiles".

Unless otherwise specified, these instructions assume a Linux host. If you are working on a Windows host, run the commands in the bash shell.

To include pre-installed apps in a target image, you need to modify the mksysimage configuration files used to generate the image, by doing the following:

  1. Create a .bar file (archive) for each of your new apps.

    For information about creating .bar files, see "Packaging an HTML5 app" in the HTML5 Developer's Guide and "Packaging the app into a BAR file from Qt Creator" in the Qt Developer's Guide.

  2. Copy your .bar file(s) to the following directory (or one of its subdirectories):


  3. In the profile file for your board (such as os.xml), specify the location where you copied the .bar file(s). Profile files are located under:


    In the <application> section of the profile file, add an <include-application> entry for each .bar file. In this entry, you must specify the archive name and location (relative to the /unsigned directory). For example, if you copied the file to the /qt subdirectory, your entry in the profile file would be:

    <include-application name="qt/" secure="unsigned">
  4. To generate a new image that includes your app(s), go to the $QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE/infra/utils/scripts/ directory and run the appropriate mksysimage command:

    For Linux: -o output_path platform.ext -P AnM -f

    For Windows:

    mksysimage.bat -o output_path platform.ext -P AnM -f

    After you run this command, your app(s) will be included in the generated image.

The QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE environment variable must be set to the location where you copied base_dir/product_deployment/QSAM/1.1/deployment/. For information about this variable, see "Environment variables".

For more detailed information about modifying target images, see "Modifying Target Images".