Filesets and profiles

Filesets let you specify files, directories, symbolic links, and their permissions to include in the image. Profile files determine which filesets and other components are included in the tar file from which the image is built.


The mksysimage. script uses fileset files to group files into sets that can be easily included in or excluded from an image. Filesets are placed in a number of locations. For a list of the filesets in each location by default, see "Filesets in the reference image."

Profile files

When it generates a tar file, uses profile files to determine what to include in the tar file from which the target image will be created. A profile file specifies:

If a profile file specifies an app that is packaged as a .bar file, includes that app in the tar file from which it generates the target image. This app will be included in the image and won't require installation after the system is running.

For example, the default profile files for the OMAP5 EVM board are:

. . .
. . . 

They are located under: