Play Radio

The Play Radio control lets you select a radio app to play music.

The QNX CAR platform comes with a default radio app, which serves a UI reference. You can also integrate the Pandora Radio application with the Play Radio control. If Pandora Radio is set up, tapping the PLAY RADIO button in the Media Player screen or selecting the Radio option from the media source menu will make the HMI display a submenu with two options:

Note: The integrated version of Pandora looks and functions like the standalone version.

If Pandora isn't enabled, accessing the Play Radio control from the Media Player screen or the media source menu takes you directly to a screen that shows the default (reference) radio app:

Note: This app is a simulation on the TI OMAP, TI Jacinto 5, and Freescale i.MX6q boards, which have no radio hardware.

The Radio app has been developed as a Sencha Touch application. The app has two profiles:

On the TI OMAP and Freescale i.MX6q boards, the default profile for the Radio app is high. On TI Jacinto 5, mid is the default profile. You can configure the app to use either high or mid. The radio profile is defined by a PPS object. For more information about setting the profile type, see the /pps/qnxcar/system/settings entry in the PPS Objects Reference.

All the controls for the radio application, including the slider, dial, AM, FM, Seek, Scan, and presets are functional. But again, the radio itself is only a simulation on the supported hardware boards.