Changing themes

The theme changes the graphical appearance of the HMI to give it a certain look and feel. The theme controls the colouring of visual components, image swaps, font sizes and styles, and background patterns.

To customize themes, you can use the PPS theme object to modify the attributes of the Personalization theme packages available on the CAR platform. This object is updated to notify the system whenever a new theme is added or removed. The following themes are currently available:

Note: All styles and image assets related to personalization are defined in files located in /usr/hmi/common/themes/.

Two PPS objects exist for themes:

Lets you view the attributes of Personalization theme packages.
Lets you view or modify the settings for the Personalization Theme field. You can set the theme attribute to one of the available themes to give the desired appearance for the HMI apps. The theme attribute is controlled by the Theme field in the Personalization application.