View the attributes of Personalization theme packages

Any app


The /pps/qnxcar/themes object holds the attributes of the Personalization theme packages available on the QNX CAR platform. This object is updated to notify the system whenever a new theme has been added or removed.

These themes are currently available:
  • default
  • midnightblue
  • titanium
Note: A related PPS object (/pps/qnxcar/profile/theme) has a theme attribute that can be set to one of the available themes for the desired appearance (image swaps, color changes, font changes, etc.) of all the HMI apps. The theme attribute is controlled by the Theme field in the Personalization application.
Here's a sample /pps/qnxcar/themes object:
midnightblue:json:{"ppsName":"midnightblue","title":"Midnight Blue","themePackageName":"midnightblue",

Each line gives the theme, followed by the json data type, followed by the attributes and values for that theme.


Attribute Description
ppsName Value of the theme attribute in the /pps/qnxcar/profile/theme object.
title Name that appears in the title field in the Personalization app.
themePackageName Name of the theme's package file.
packageDate Date of the theme's package file.