Network Settings

Accessible from the Settings app, the network configuration controls allow you to select the preferred type of Ethernet connection, access a Wi-Fi network, and set up a Wi-Fi hotspot in the vehicle.

The QNX CAR platform supports wired and wireless connections to portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can configure:

You can also search for Wi-Fi hotspots accessible from your current location and attempt to connect to one of them.

The network settings features use the net_pps and wpa_pps utilities, which are explained in the System Services Reference, as well as several networking-related PPS objects, which are described in the PPS Objects Reference.

To configure wired or Wi-Fi settings, tap Settings (found in the Apps Section screen under ALL), then select one of WIRED NETWORK, WIFI CLIENT, or WIFI HOTSPOT.

Configuring a wired network

On the WIRED NETWORK screen, choose Configure, then set and save the following information, as you would for any other wired network:

When these parameters are set, external devices can connect to the QNX CAR platform over a standard Ethernet connection.

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network

Tap WIFI CLIENT to display a list of accessible Wi-Fi networks. Then tap a list entry to attempt to connect to that network.

Setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot

Tap WIFI HOTSPOT and make sure the ON button is highlighted. Then choose Configure and enter the following information:

Remember to tap SAVE when you're done.