Tools at a Glance

To you generate an image, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the following tools used in the image generation process.

More information about these tools is available in either the QNX CAR System Services Reference or the QNX Neutrino RTOS Utilities Reference.

Utility Description
gen-ifs Generates the various IFS files used by the QNX CAR platform. This tool concatenates multiple build file segments to generate the appropriate build file for the platform and variant being built. In addition, this tool sets the MKIFS_PATH variable as appropriate for the platform and variant.
gen-osversion Generates a file (/etc/os.version) that contains relevant build and version details. This file is used by the software update process.

Generates an IFS (Image FileSystem‎) from a .build file. The IFS is loaded on system startup. Processes .tar files and handles the generation of partition images (.image ‎files) and target images (.img files) by calling mkxfs and diskimage. A control script used to complete the imaging process, which includes the generation of the IFS, mktar archive, and the resulting target image file.
mktar Creates a .tar file that contains all the files, directories, symbolic links (along with their permissions, user IDs and group IDs) used in a target image. The mktar utility uses a number of XML files (fileset files) ‎to group files into sets that can be easily incuded or excluded.
diskimage A binary file that combines all of the filesystem files generated by mkxfs (the .ifs files) into one file, the resulting image file.