Generate an image from existing .tar files.


 mkimage  [-o] outputpath ... [options]

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


-c, --config
Use the specified configuration file. See "Configuration file for" in the Building and Customizing Target Images guide.
-o, --output
Write to the specified image file.
-t, --tar_path
Specify the path to the .tar files.
Specify a list of .tar files.
-v, --verbose
Specify the verbosity up to a maximum of 4.


The script creates an image from the .tar files generated by mktar. This script extracts from the .tar file, creates the buildfiles, creates temporary .image files for each partition, and then creates the diskimage config file to create the final disk image. The bootable image file(s) (.image) are placed in the specified output file, followed by the embedded filesystem files (or any other type of image). With the exception of bootable images, all image files are padded up to the block size specified on the command line. If you don't specify a blocksize, the default is 64K.


To run, you must specify the -o option and run the script from the location where the .tar files are located.

The following example shows have to generate an image:

%QNX_TARGET%/scripts/ -o /tmp/ 

Exit status:

An image file was generated successfully.
An error occurred.