Support a reference radio service on the TI Jacinto 5 board


RadioApp -p 0 -f path -h pps [-L address,size]

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


-p 0
TI command-line option; must be "0" (zero).
-f path
The path to the ELF configuration file.
Instruct the service to use PPS. Must be "pps".
-L address,size
Reserve memory for the service. Use only if creating a custom image. If used, values must be "0x96C00000,0x8D00000". The first number is the address and the second is the size of the memory allocation.


The RadioApp service is provided by Texas Instruments. Note the following about using this service:

For more information about the QNX CAR reference radio implementation, see Radio.