The QNX CAR platform includes a reference radio service, which runs on the Texas Instruments J5 ECO EVM811x EVM board.


The QNX CAR platform's reference radio service, RadioApp, is provided in collaboration with Texas Instruments and runs on the J5 ECO board. It interacts with the DSP on this board to offer tuning, band selection, scanning and RDS (Radio Data System). It uses the QNX PPS service to communicate with the HMI.

For information about starting up and running RadioApp, see RadioApp.

Note: If you create a custom image, you must use the RadioApp's -L option to reserve memory for the service.

Connecting external components

To use the reference radio, you will need to connect an antenna, and headphones or speakers to the board. If you consider the top of the board to be the edge with the AM-FM switch:

PPS objects

The QNX CAR platform uses these PPS objects to communicate with the reference radio:

The platform also has the following PPS objects to exchange simulated radio information, which the QNX CAR HMI can use for its radio displays. These objects are not currently used by the radio service. They are: