Navigation Engine

The QNX CAR platform is designed to support a variety of third-party navigation engines.


For this release, the QNX CAR platform includes the Elektrobit EB street director as the default navigation engine. The platform provides a reference navigation integration, demonstrating the "command and control" between the HMI and the participating components—navigation engine, window manager, PPS interface, and so on.

Figure 1. High-level view of navigation integration in the QNX CAR platform.

For more information about the QNX CAR navigation engine, see "Navigation" in the QNX CAR Architecture Guide. For more information about using the navigation engine HMI, see "Navigation" in the QNX CAR User's Guide chapter "A Guided Tour of the HMI".


The QNX CAR platform checks the /target/board.variant/var/etc/services-enabled configuration file to know which services are enabled. To enable navigation on your system, set the NAVIGATION attribute in this file to true. For example:

If you are working with a configuration that has had the navigation engine disabled, as well as configuring the services-enabled file you may need to change the tablist.json file so that it displays a navigation tab correctly. To do this, you need to edit the tablist.json file:

  1. Run the following command: mount -uw /base to remount the /base filesystem as read-write (instead of the default read-only).
  2. Open the /target/usr/hmi/common/js/tablist.json file and edit the configuration information. For example, to make Tab 3 the navigation tab, your file should have an entry like this:
    "tab3": {
    "id": "navigation",
    "type": "local",
    "order": "3",
    "name": "Navigation",
    "opts": {
        "class": "nav"
Note: When you have finished your edits, don't forget to remount the /base filesystem so that it's read-only again (mount -ur /base).

Elektrobit street director

The current QNX CAR release comes with the Elektrobit (EB) street director.

The EB street director navigation engine is called /apps/eb-navigation. If you are debugging your implementation and need more detailed information in the logs, just start the navigation engine with greater verbosity. For example: -vvvvvvvv.

The configuration file for the EB street director is /apps/eb-navigation/ebnav.conf. For more information about this file and configuring the EB street director, please see your Elektrobit documentation.

PPS objects

The navigation engine uses the following PPS objects: