The QNX CAR platform includes the Elektrobit (EB) street director navigation software. The Navigation screen displays controls that access this software's navigation engine to perform route-based navigation to specific destinations.

Designed for automotive systems, the EB navigation software lets you search for a destination and, with one button tap, calculate the optimal route for reaching that destination and activate the navigation service to monitor your travel progress. As you drive, the map animates the travel progress in real time, while displaying the current street, next turn, and the estimated remaining time and distance to your destination.

The EB street director map gives a highly scalable view of your surroundings. You can zoom in (by tapping the + button) to a street-level view and see details of individual roads and buildings or zoom out (by tapping the - button) to a country- or even planet-wide view.

The Home screen displays turn and distance information while navigation is active.

In addition to the name-based destination search capability, EB street director can keep track of your favorite destinations and recent travels. This capability provides a fast way to look up and select one of your most frequently visited places as your next destination.

This release includes map data for the EB navigation engine. The map data contains location information for navigating to destinations within Canada as well as a World Cartographic Layer for drawing a world map when you zoom out into space.

Note: You must contact Elektrobit to obtain map data for other countries.