HTML5 and JavaScript Development Tools

The QNX CAR platform ships with many development aids for writing your own HTML5 apps, including a set of Cordova JavaScript plugins. You can mix HTML5 apps with apps written with other technologies, such as Qt. HTML5 apps can access PPS objects (via Cordova), as can Qt apps.

Apache Cordova is required for HTML5 application development. The Apache Cordova framework gives you access to several automotive APIs, including vehicle sensors, the navigation route, climate control, multimedia, and other useful APIs for the vehicle HMI. For the full API details, see the Cordova JavaScript Plugins.

Note: This version of the QNX CAR platform also includes a set of WebWorks extensions with similar functionality, but note that these are now being deprecated. For details, see WebWorks JavaScript Extensions (CAR 2.0—Deprecated).

We strongly discourage testing with the file:/// protocol because this may cause unintended behavior.