HTML5 app support

The HMI layer of the QNX CAR platform includes a browser engine that runs HTML5 apps independently of the HMI.

This release is shipped with two versions of the HMI: a Qt5 version (the default) and an HTML5 version. You can run HTML5 apps in both HMI versions in the same manner—by launching them from the Apps Section screen (see "A Guided Tour of the HMI" in the User's Guide for details). Each HTML5 app runs in its own browser engine instance. This design provides fault isolation for the HMI and lets you run HTML5 apps regardless of which HMI version is running. The HTML5 Developer's Guide in the QNX SDK for Apps and Media provides more information on the browser engine.

The HMI serves as a reference UI that provides programming samples of front-end controls that allow the user to configure vehicular settings. You can customize the HMI or replace it altogether. The apps in the HTML5 version of the HMI are built with HTML5, version of Sencha Touch 2 and with multiple versions of jQuery.