Creating BAR packages for WebWorks apps

To create a WebWorks BAR package file for your apps:

  1. Navigate to the folder where you installed the your QNX software ($QNX_CAR_DEPLOYMENT, %QNX_CAR_DEPLOYMENT%).
  2. Go to the html5/webworks/tools/gen-wwpkg/ folder.
  3. Run the following script to generate a BAR package file for one or more apps specified: -o output_path [appname_1] .. [appname_N]
    • output_path points to an existing directory to put the generated BAR file
    • appname_1, appname_2, .. appname_N are the applications you want to put in a BAR package

    For example, the following command generates BAR package files for the Home and Communication apps: -o /tmp/ Home Communication

    You can specify an alternative directory by using the --application-path option.

The script generates a BAR package file for each of the apps specified. For the example above, the tmp directory will contain two .bar files:


For information on packaging, installing, and launching your HTML5 app, see the Application and Window Management guide.