Using the Runtime for APK

The Runtime for APK and associated demo applications are preinstalled, but the runtime may be disabled by default, depending on the platform.

If the Runtime for APK is not enabled by default, you can enable it on supported platforms.

Enabling the Runtime for APK

To enable the Runtime for APK, edit the file /var/etc/services-enabled to include the following line:
and then restart the system.
When the APK runtime is running, the following processes are present:
1974323 system/bin/init  init
2154570 system/bin/logd  logd
2191440 system/bin/binder  binder
2322459 system/bin/servicemanager  /system/bin/servicemanager
2322498 system/bin/mediaserver  /system/bin/mediaserver
2322510 system/bin/installd  /system/bin/installd
2326596 system/bin/keystore  /system/bin/keystore /data/misc/keystore
4091985 system/bin/logcat  /system/bin/logcat -f /data/log/death.log -v time -r 256 -n 4
The debugger (adb) is not enabled by default (and is hence not in the above list). For more information, see "Enabling the debugger".

The script must specify the appropriate screen dimensions for the runtime to use to render its applications. For information about why this is so and for instructions on how to set the screen resolutions and dimensions, see "Setting the screen dimensions".

Uility scripts

The Runtime for APK on QNX platforms includes these utility scripts:
Handy for checking whether the runtime is running.
See what's currently running.

These scripts are located at apps/sys.apkruntime.gYABgKAOw1czN6neiAT72SGO.ns/native/scripts.