You can use the Runtime for APK to run your .apk applications on QNX platforms.


On a typical mobile device, the Dalvik virtual machine runs on Linux as a root user. The applications are sandboxed and the interfaces to device-specific resources, such as the camera, the phone and the Wi-Fi, are abstracted by the API.

On QNX platforms, the Runtime for APK isn't allowed to operate as root because this restriction ensures that the APK Runtime can't interfere with the QNX platform software. The Runtime for APK itself is sandboxed to protect the rest of the system from any unpredictable APK applications.

To allow Runtime for APK to operate normally while still protecting the QNX system, the following modifications have been made to how the Runtime for APK is implemented:

Installed location

The Runtime for APK is installed as a native application, located in the/apps/sys.apkruntime.gYABgKAOw1czN6neiAT72SGO.ns directory. At runtime, symlinks in the /data and /system directories point into the sandbox for the Runtime for APK application (/accounts/1000/appdata/sys.apkruntime.gYABgKAOw1czN6neiAT72SGO.ns/).

Terminated applications

APK applications that have been dismissed by a user are terminated immediately and any system resources allocated are released.