Include Apps in an Image

To include your apps in the appsmedia-sample image on a target device, you'll need to modify the buildfile you used to generate the final appsmedia-sample image.
Note: If you're using a Windows host, run the commands in the bash shell.
To include apps in an image:
  1. Change directory to /src/hardware/support/appsmedia-sample in the location where you extracted the BSP.
    In this location, you'll notice the following two buildfiles:
  2. In an editor on the host machine, open the file
  3. Locate the section named Browser Related.
    This section is where you'll include information about your specific app.
  4. Add the following information about your app into the Browser Related section of the file:

    where directory_containing_barfile is the path to the directory that contains the .bar file for your app. You can use environment variables like ${QNX_TARGET} in the search path specification.

    Note: For information about creating .bar files, see "Packaging, Installing, and Launching Apps" in the Application and Window Management guide.
  5. Change to the /images directory.
  6. Run the following command:
    make clean
  7. To generate a new image that includes your app(s), run the following command:
    make appsmedia-sample

To install an app to a target device each time the image boots:

The app will be installed each time the image boots. You can then run the app from the command line or from a script. For more information about launching apps, see "Launching an app on the target" in the Application and Window Management guide.