Creating Buildfiles and Images for the QNX SDK for Apps and Media

After you've built the BSP for QNX SDP 6.6, you're ready to generate the final image file for the QNX SDK for Apps and Media.
Note: If you're using a Windows host, run the commands in the bash shell.
  1. Change to the /images directory:
    cd /images
  2. To generate the final Apps and Media image, type the following command:
    make appsmedia-sample
    Note: We recommend that you redirect the output to a file and look for any warning and error messages about missing files, such as:
    Warning: host file filename missing.
    Running the make appsmedia-sample command generates the Apps and Media buildfile and image file:
    • (the buildfile)
    • ifs-appsmedia-sample-platform.bin (the image file that includes an embedded browser)

The generated files are located in the /images directory.

  • If you want to make a permanent change to the final buildfile, change the Apps and Media board-specific buildfile or common buildfile.
  • If you run the command make clean, the generated files appsmedia-sample buildfile and image file will be removed.

For information about adding your own apps to the appsmedia-sample image, see Include Apps in an Image.