Starting the IDE from the command line

To start the IDE from the command line:

Navigate to the directory where the qde executable resides and run the appropriate command.
  • On Windows, run qde.exe -data path_to_workspace.
  • On all other host types, run ./qde -data path_to_workspace.
Note: Don't run the eclipse command, even though it may seem to work. Always use qde instead, because it configures the proper QNX-specific environment.

The -data setting is optional; if you don't provide it, the IDE uses the default workspace location. If you do include this setting, the IDE looks for or creates a workspace at the specified location. Note that the path given must not contain spaces and non-standard characters, as explained in Workspace.

For more information about starting the IDE, including advanced execution options for developing or debugging parts of Eclipse itself, see Tasks > Running Eclipse in the Workbench User Guide.