Your workspace is a folder where you keep your projects. Files that you open in an IDE editor must belong to a project in the workspace, because you must work on a known set of resources. For Windows, dragging and dropping files works as long as the destination is in a workspace project. When a file is in a project folder, you can double-click the file's entry to open it in the appropriate editor.

Specifying a workspace location

To redirect the IDE to reference a specific workspace:

At any time, you can access another workspace by selecting File > Switch Workspace > Other. This opens the Workspace Launcher, which is described in Starting the IDE for the first time. After you select another workspace and click OK, the IDE must restart to reload all projects in that workspace.

Where are files stored?

Type of file Default location
Workspace folder $HOME/ide-4.7-workspace
.metadata folder (for personal settings) $HOME/ide-4.7-workspace/.metadata
Error log $HOME/ide-4.7-workspace/.metadata/.log

On Windows, C:\ is used instead of the HOME environment variable or the C:\DocumentsĀ andĀ Settings\userid directory (so the spaces in the path name don't confuse the tools).

You can specify where you want your workspace folder to reside. For details, see the “Running Eclipse” section in the Tasks chapter of the Workbench User Guide. (To access the guide, open Help > Help Contents, then select Workbench User Guide from the left-side navigation.)