Data structure describing the emitter and collector of an event


typedef struct Ph_event_region {
    PhRid_t         rid;
    long            handle;
} PhEventRegion_t;


The PhEventRegion_t structure describes the emitter and the collector of events. It contains at least the following members:

PhRid_t rid
The ID of a region. This member lets an application determine which of its regions emitted or collected an event.

The following constants are defined in <photon/PhT.h>:

long handle
The user-definable handle that the application specifies when it opens the region. Applications can use handle to quickly pass a small amount of information along with events. For example, the widget (Pt*()) functions use handle internally.

If the region described by a PhEventRegion_t structure isn't owned by the application that collected the event, then the Photon Manager sets handle to 0.



See also:

PhEvent_t, PhRegion_t

Events chapter of the Photon Programmer's Guide.