Return the widget's instance pointer


PtWidget_t *AbGetABW( int wgt_name );


The ABN_ name of the widget that you want to find. PhAB automatically generates these name values for you when you generate your code.


This macro returns the widget's instance pointer based on its ABN_ name. It is similar to ApGetWidgetPtr(), but it doesn't require a link instance (pointer to the widget's parent module). Instead of searching the widget hierarchy, AbGetABW() looks up the widget's ABW_ pointer, which means it's much more efficient than ApGetWidgetPtr().

Note: All the limitations that apply to the ABW_ manifests also apply to AbGetABW(). This means that if you create multiple instances of a module, the ABWs either point to the last instance you created, or are invalid pointers if that instance has already been destroyed. If you create multiple instances of your widgets, you should use ApGetWidgetPtr() rather than AbGetABW().


A pointer to the widget wgt_name, or NULL if it wasn't found.



Interrupt handler No
Signal handler No
Thread No

See also:

ApGetInstance(), ApGetWidgetPtr()

Handling multiple instances of a window in the Working with Code chapter of the Photon Programmer's Guide