QNX PPS Service

The QNX Persistent Publish/Subscribe (PPS) service is a small, extensible publish/subscribe service that offers persistence across reboots. It is designed to provide a simple and easy to use solution for both publish/subscribe and persistence in embedded systems, answering a need for building loosely connected systems using asynchronous publications and notifications.

With PPS, publishing is asynchronous: the subscriber need not be waiting for the publisher. In fact, the publisher and subscriber rarely know each other; their only connection is an object which has a meaning and purpose for both publisher and subscriber.

PPS subscription modes

The QNX Smart Energy Reference uses PPS.

Running PPS

The PPS service can be run with the options listed below.


pps [options]


Do not run in the background. Useful for debugging.
-l argument
Set the object load behavior, as follows:
-m mount
Specify the mountpath for PPS. Default is /pps/
-p path
Set the path for backing up the persistent storage.
-t period
Specify the periodicity of the forced persistence, in milliseconds. For example -t 5000 forces the PPS service to write to persistent storage every five seconds. Default is no forced persistence.
Enable verbose mode. Increase the number of “v”s to increase verbosity.