Using the QNX Send File button

When a connection is made, the Send File button changes to its enabled state ( Send file icon), indicating that you can now transfer files to the target.
To transfer a file using the Terminal view:
  1. Using either the Terminal view or another method (outside the IDE), configure your target so that it's ready to receive an image. For details, consult your hardware documentation.
  2. In the Terminal view, click the Send File button ( Send file icon ).
  3. In the Select File to Send dialog, enter the name of your file (or click Browse).
  4. Select a protocol (e.g. sendnto).
    Note: The QNX sendto protocol sends a sequence of records (including the start record, data records, and a go record). Each record has a sequence number and a checksum. Your target must be running an IPL (or other software) that understands this protocol.
  5. Click OK. The QNX System Builder transmits your file over the serial connection.
Note: You can click the Cancel button to stop the file transfer:

Cancel file transfer icon

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