Downloading using TFTP

The QNX System Builder's TFTP server eliminates the need to set up an external server for downloading images (if your target device supports TFTP downloads). The TFTP server knows about all QNX System Builder projects in the system and automatically searches them for system images whenever it receives requests for service.

When you first open the TFTP Server view (in any perspective), the QNX System Builder starts its internal TFTP server. For the remainder of the current IDE session, the TFTP server listens for incoming TFTP transfer requests and automatically fulfills them.

The TFTP Server view provides status and feedback for current and past TFTP transfers. As the internal TFTP server handles requests, the view provides visual feedback:

TFTP Server view

The TFTP Server view shows the current and past TFTP transfers.

Each entry in the view shows:

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