Moving files between the host and target

The IDE's Target File System Navigator view lets you easily move files between your host and a filesystem residing on your target.


If you haven't yet created a target system, you can do so right from within the Target File System Navigator view.

To create a target system:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the view, then select Add New Target.

Note that the Target File System Navigator view isn't part of the default QNX System Builder perspective; you must manually bring the view into your current perspective.

To see the Target File System Navigator view:

  1. From the main menu, select Window > Show View > Other… .
  2. Select QNX Targets, then double-click Target File System Navigator.

The view shows the target and directory tree in the left pane, and the contents of the selected directory in the right pane:

Target File System Navigator view

Note: If the Target File System Navigator view has only one pane, click the dropdown menu button (Icon: Dropdown menu) in the title bar, then select Show table. You can also customize the view by selecting Table Parameters or Show files in tree.
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