Creating a project for a flash filesystem image (an .efs file)

To create a flash filesystem project:
  1. From the main menu, select File > New > Project .
  2. Expand QNX, then select QNX System Builder Project in the right. Click Next.
  3. Name your project and click Next.
  4. Specify whether you want to import an existing buildfile or create a generic file.
  5. Specify your target hardware (e.g. armle).
  6. Click Finish. The IDE creates your new IFS project, which includes a generic .ifs image.
  7. In the editor, use the Add New Image icon in the System Builder editor's toolbar to create a new image element:

    Add New Image

  8. To add an EFS image to the new IFS project, select either the option to import an EFS buildfile, or to create a generic EFS model.
  9. Now, that you have two images in the project, remove the empty IFS image that was created by default.
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