Perform control operations on an entity object in a HAM


#include <ha/ham.h>

int ham_entity_control( ham_entity_t *ehdl,
                        int command,
                        unsigned flags);




The ham_entity_control() function can be used to control the state of an entity object in a HAM. This function is designed to be extensible with additional commands. Currently, the following commands are defined:

    HENABLE,                 /* enable item                           */
    HDISABLE,                /* disable item                          */
    HADDFLAGS,               /* add flag                              */
    HREMOVEFLAGS,            /* remove flag                           */
    HSETFLAGS,               /* set flag to specific                  */
    HGETFLAGS,               /* get flag                              */

When an entity item is enabled (the default), any event that occurs in relation to this event will trigger appropriate conditions and actions related to the entity. If an entity item is disabled, no events relating to that entity will be reacted to. If an entity is disabled, all conditions and actions under it are also disabled. Individual conditions and actions can be enabled and disabled using the corresponding control functions for conditions and actions, respectively.

The HADDFLAGS, HREMOVEFLAGS, and HSETFLAGS commands can be used to modify the set of flags associated with the entity being controlled. Add flags and remove flags are used to either add to or remove from the current set of flags, the specified set of flags (as given in flags). The set flags function is called when the current set of flags is to be replaced by flags.


Any flag that is valid for the corresponding condition can be used when ham_condition_control() is being used to set flags, with the exception of HCONDNOWAIT if the existing condition already has some waitfor actions associated with it.

For the HENABLE and HDISABLE commands:

Applies the command recursively.


For enable, disable, add flags, remove flags, and set flags functions:

An error occurred (errno is set).

For get flags function

An error occurred (errno is set).


Couldn't connect to the HAM.
The command or flags variable is invalid.

In addition to the above errors, the HAM returns any error it encounters while servicing this request.


QNX Neutrino

Cancellation point No
Interrupt handler No
Signal handler No
Thread Yes

See also:

ham_action_control(), ham_condition_control()