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Full TCP/IP stack (QNX Neutrino)


io-net ... -p tcpip tcpip_options ...

Runs on:



See the description below.


The module is a symbolic link to the current version of the full TCP/IP stack, which provides protocol support to the network I/O manager, io-net.

Neutrino supports two versions of the TCP/IP stack:
The original version of the TCP/IP stack supports the latest RFCs, including UDP, IP, TCP, and SCTP. This is the default for QNX Momentics.
This version of TCP/IP stack includes all the features in the standard stack, plus the functionality targeted at the new generation of mobile and secure communications. This stack provides full IPv6 and IPsec (both IPv4 and IPv6) support.

By default, is a symbolic link to If you want to use IPv6, change to point to

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