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Provide IP filter services

Note: The TCP/IP stack looks for the correct version of this module when you mount it (i.e. with; with


mount -Ttcpip

Runs on:





The and shared objects are the managers that handles IP filtering and NAT (Network Address Translation) services. The shared object can load these modules. You need to load this manager to enable filtering and NAT functionality.

IP filtering allows your host to act as a firewall, or you can provide firewall services on your host. NAT allows multiple hosts on a subnet to share a common IP address. Configuration files are used to set filtering and NAT rules. For more details, see /etc/ipf.conf and /etc/ipnat.conf.

See also:

ipf, ipfs, ipfstat, ipmon, ipnat,,,

/etc/ipf.conf, /etc/ipnat.conf

"Setting up a firewall" in the Securing Your System chapter of the Neutrino User's Guide