Professional Services

QNX Professional Services helps customers drive innovation while minimizing risk. This dedicated group of engineers offers a unique mix of experience, skills, contacts, as well as clean IP to directly address key development challenges and ensure success. And weve been providing QNX Neutrino professional services successfully for over 30 years.

From concept through production to maintenance, QNX Professional Services complements and enhances your companys strengths to help you hit your production deadlines on time, on budget, and on spec with a product that meets or exceeds your customers expectations.

Production-proven QNX experience

Our services team has production-proven QNX experience in complex embedded systems from Internet routers through MRI machines to vehicle navigation units. We are developers, engineers, and architects throughout the QNX organization with a diverse set of skills who not only provide services but also work on core product. We understand first-hand the pressures you are under and know how to align with your team to speed up development and streamline integration. We happily work on your premises or ours.

Custom solutions, standard technology

Most support and service groups deliver point solutions or orphan implementations that require custom engineering to update and enhance. QNX Professional Services, on the other hand, delivers custom solutions as standard QNX technology. As a result, standard support infrastructure not custom engineering applies to your product moving forward. Whats more, any new QNX builds and releases continue to enhance your product long after your service contract ends.

Clean IP

Over the last two decades, we've assembled a large portfolio of clean intellectual property that we currently use to support our services practice. This portfolio of customizations and enhancements helps to reduce your costs and decrease your time to completion. We also use Black Duck software and other industry standard practices to ensure our IP is squeaky clean GNU General Public License (GPL) is never an issue.

Standard project management practices

QNX Professional Services works within a structured methodology that ensures your project is completed on time and on budget with the top-notch quality youve come to expect from QNX Software Systems. Project execution involves a set of management and development processes based on industry standards. We also use Foundry27, the QNX developer portal, for private and public source code access, forums, file transfers, and so on to ensure seamless communication.