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Welcome to Voyager

This chapter explains Voyager's two modes:

Welcome to Voyager Browser. This web browser is a QNX-enhanced version of the Spyglass browser. You can run Voyager in two modes: compact and full. You may find it useful to run Voyager in compact mode when memory is tight.

Compact mode

Some of the features Voyager supports in compact mode include:

Feature: Voyager supports:
HTML 3.2 The HTML 3.2 specification.
Frames The Netscape frame extension. Frames can be navigated with a proper history.
HTTP HTTP downloads.
Email Email and a news reader, if Voyager Email is installed.
Authentication Basic authentication.
Images .jpg, .gif, and animated .gif files.
Proxy servers Proxy servers and SOCKS hosts.

Full mode

In addition to the above, Voyager supports these features in full mode:

Feature: Voyager supports:
JavaScript 1.1 Most of JavaScript 1.1.
FTP FTP downloads (you cannot upload FTP files).
Gopher Gopher.
Authentication Digest authentication.
SSL SSL 2 and 3 including a handfull of popular ciphers e.g. SSL_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5. This assumes you have the SSL version of Voyager.

JavaScript 1.1

Voyager supports all JavaScript methods except:

Voyager will support these methods in a later release.

Since Voyager currently doesn't support Java, it doesn't support:

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