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Copyright Notice

Installation & Configuration (QNX 4.25)

© 1996 -- 2005, QNX Software Systems. All rights reserved.

Published under license by:

QNX Software Systems Co.
175 Terence Matthews Crescent
Kanata, Ontario
K2M 1W8
Voice: +1 613 591-0931
Fax: +1 613 591-3579
Email: info@qnx.com
Web: http://www.qnx.com/

Electronic edition published 2005.

Publishing history Software version
June 1996 QNX 4.23
December 1997 QNX 4.24
September 21, 2005 QNX 4.25

Technical support options

To obtain technical support for any QNX product, visit the Technical Support section in the Services area on our website (www.qnx.com). You'll find a wide range of support options, including our free web-based Developer Support Center.

QNX, Momentics, Neutrino, and Photon microGUI are registered trademarks of QNX Software Systems in certain jurisdictions. All other trademarks and trade names belong to their respective owners.

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