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Limit the extent of drawing


void PgSetClipping( unsigned short n,
                    PhRect_t const *rects );


This function lets you limit the extent of drawing by specifying which rectangles to draw in. Note that you can never draw outside of the current region.

The n argument contains the number of clip rectangles; rects contains an array of n clip rectangles, relative to the origin of the current region. To reset the clipping rectangle to the full size of the region, you should pass 0 rectangles.

All subsequent draws will be clipped to the intersection of the clipping rectangles set by PgSetClipping(), PgSetMultiClip(), and PgSetUserClip(), and PgSetRegion().

Note: PhAttach(), PhReattach(), and PgSetRegion() reset the clipping rectangle to the full size of the region.

Don't call PgSetClipping() in a widget's draw function; use PtClipAdd() and PtClipRemove() instead. For more information, see the Building Custom Widgets guide.

This function flushes the draw buffer.



Interrupt handler No
Signal handler No
Thread No

See also:

PgFlush(), PgSetMultiClip(), PgSetRegion(), PgSetUserClip(), PhAttach(), PhReattach()

PtClipAdd(), PtClipRemove() in the Building Custom Widgets guide.

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