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Extract the image data from a widget


#include <Ap.h>

PhImage_t *ApGetImageRes( 
              ApDBase_t const *dbase, 
              char const *wgt_name );


ApGetImageRes() lets you extract images from a widget in a PhAB widget database.

The dbase argument is the widget database pointer returned from ApOpenDBase(). The wgt_name argument is the name of widget within the database that has the image you're trying to extract.

This function is mainly used to perform simple animation. You can create a series of tiles, using any widget that supports images, in a PhAB widget database; to create the animation, cycle through the tiles by pulling out the images in sequence, updating another widget that is visible within the application window.


A pointer to a PhImage_t structure, or NULL if the widget or image data couldn't be found.

Note: This function returns a pointer into the widget database; don't close the database while still using the image. If you must close the widget database, do the following first:
  1. Copy the image data and palette.
  2. Update the PhImage_t structure to point to the new copies of the data.


PhImage_t   *image;
PtArg_t     args[1];

mydbase = ApOpenDBase( ABM_mypicture );

image = ApGetImageRes( mydbase, "myimage" );

/* update the label widget with the new image */

if ( image ) {
    PtSetArg( &args[0], Pt_ARG_LABEL_DATA, 
              image, sizeof( *image ) );
    PtSetResources( ABW_label_wgt, 1, args );



Interrupt handler No
Signal handler No
Thread No

See also:

ApGetBitmapRes(), ApOpenDBase(), ApOpenDBaseFile(), PgDrawPhImagemx(), PhImage_t, PhReleaseImage(), PhMakeGhostBitmap(), PhMakeTransBitmap(), PxLoadImage()

"Animation" in the Raw Drawing and Animation chapter, and the Accessing PhAB Modules from Code chapter of the Photon Programmer's Guide

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